UAA 2023

Penn Press at UAA 2023

About Penn Press

The University of Pennsylvania Press disseminates knowledge and advances intellectual inquiry. We collaborate with scholarly communities, foster creative ideas, and give voice to thinkers of diverse backgrounds. As one of the oldest scholarly presses in North America, we publish thought-provoking work to gain a better understanding of our shared past and inform a more just and equitable future.

Our Acquisitions Editors

Walter Biggins, Editor-in-Chief
[email protected]

Areas of acquisition: Cultural studies, human rights, intellectual and political history of the Americas, Atlantic World, postcolonial studies, and modern & contemporary literature

Robert Lockhart, Senior Editor
[email protected]

Areas of acquisition: Atlantic history, American history colonial-present, history of the African diaspora and transnational history, urban studies

Elisabeth Maselli, Senior Editor
[email protected]

Areas of acquisition: Jewish studies, religious studies, political science, anthropology, and ethnography

Jenny Tan, Associate Editor
[email protected]

Areas of acquisition: Medieval and early modern studies, and anthropology and ethnography

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