SHAFR 2022

Penn Press at SHAFR 2022

Power, Politics, and the World

Announcing a new series from Penn Press

Power, Politics, and the World showcases new stories in the fields of the history of U.S. foreign relations, international history, and transnational history. The series is motivated by a desire to pose innovative questions of power and hierarchy to the history of the United States and the world. Books published in the series examine a wide range of actors on local, national, and global scales, exploring how they imagined, enacted, or resisted political, cultural, social, economic, legal, and military authority.

Series Editors:

Christopher Dietrich
Associate Professor of History, Fordham University

Jennifer Mittelstadt
Professor of History, Rutgers University

Russell Rickford
Associate Professor of History, Cornell University

Staff Editorial Contact:

Robert Lockhart, Senior Editor
[email protected]

Now available from the Power, Politics, and the World series