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Power, Politics, and the World

Announcing a new series from the University of Pennsylvania Press


Christopher Dietrich, Fordham University
Jennifer Mittelstadt, Rutgers University
Russell Rickford, Cornell University

Power, Politics, and the World showcases new stories in the fields of the history of U.S. foreign relations, international history, and transnational history. The series is motivated by a desire to pose innovative questions of power and hierarchy to the history of the United States and the world. Books published in the series examine a wide range of actors on local, national, and global scales, exploring how they imagined, enacted, or resisted political, cultural, social, economic, legal, and military authority.


Paul Adler, No Globalization Without Representation: U.S. Activists and World Inequality (2021)

Megan Threlkeld, Citizens of the World: U.S. Women and Global Government (2022)

Christopher Dietrich, editor, Wealth and Power: Capitalism, Diplomacy, and U.S. Foreign Relations in the Twentieth Century (2022)

Debbie Sharnak, Of Light and Struggle: The International Histories of Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Uruguay (2022)

No Globalization Without Representation: U.S. Activists and World Inequality

by Paul Adler

"With razor-sharp clarity and a well-paced narrative, Paul Adler has written a riveting history of political conflicts over multinational corporations and economic liberalization. The book contains many memorable stories of political conflicts, from the halls of the World Health Organization in Geneva to street protests in Seattle. Deeply researched and eminently readable, the book enriches our understanding of globalization and some of its fiercest critics."—Stephen Macekura, Indiana University

From boycotting Nestlé in the 1970s to lobbying against NAFTA to the "Battle of Seattle" protests against the World Trade Organization in the 1990s, No Globalization Without Representation is the story of how consumer and environmental activists became significant players in U.S. and world politics at the twentieth century's close.