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The Archaeology of Native Americans in Pennsylvania

The Archaeology of Native Americans in Pennsylvania

by Kurt W. Carr, Christopher A. Bergman, Christina B. Rieth, Bernard K. Means, Roger W. Moeller, Elizabeth Wagner

157 illus.

  • Hardcover
  • 9780812250787
  • Published: April 2020



The definitive reference guide to artifacts representing 14,000 years of cultural evolution

Pennsylvania is geographically, ecologically, and culturally diverse. The state is situated at the crossroads of several geographic zones and drainage basins which resulted in a great deal of variation in Native American societies. The Archaeology of Native Americans in Pennsylvania is the definitive reference guide to rich artifacts that represent 14,000 years of cultural evolution. This authoritative work includes environmental studies, descriptions and illustrations of artifacts and features, settlement pattern studies, and recommendations for directions of further research.

Containing previously unpublished data and representing fifty years of collaborative findings gathered under historic preservation laws, the book is organized into five parts, reflecting five major time periods. Essential for anyone conducting archaeological research in Pennsylvania and surrounding regions, especially professionals conducting surveys and research in compliance with state and federal preservation laws, as well as professors and students engaging in research on specific regions or topics in Middle Atlantic archaeology.